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Yuvraj Singh c Collingwood b Flintoff 58

Yuvraj Singh c Collingwood b Flintoff 58

Stuart: The 19th over of this World Twenty20 matchwill be bowled by Stuart Broad.
Ash: Yuvraj is ticking, Stu. I think he's going to get after young Broad.
Stuart: Well, he's got the licence to play his shots and… oh, good heavens, did you see that fly past the window then Ash? What was it?
Ash: Sixer!
Stuart: A what? That's not a bird. I rather think it might have been a great crested grebe.
Ash: No, the cricket. Yuvraj has hit a sixer.
Stuart: A what? Oh, a six. Yes, you're quite right. India were on 171 before that delivery and the scoreboard reads 177 now, so he must have cleared the ropes. What a strapping young man he is. Now, about that grebe, Ash?
Ash: Sixer!
Stuart: No, grebe. Wait. What's going on?
Ash: Another sixer, Stu. Massive hit. Just massive.
Stuart: Well, if it's gone for six then that's pretty obvious, isn't it? Of course it's a big hit.
Ash: He's flicked it off his legs. Just massive.
Stuart: He still only gets six for it, Ash.
Ash: He should get 12.
Stuart: But he doesn't. He gets six.
Ash: Sixer!
Stuart: Jeepers. Is that two in a row?
Ash: Three, Stu. Massive hit. Just massive.
Stuart: It wasn't that big a hit. It barely cleared the ropes.
Ash: It was another 12 that, Stu.
Stuart: It was, at most, a seven. Should I put the battenburg somewhere safe? I rather feel that one of these might come into our commentary box. Wouldn't want the cake to bear the brunt of the impact.
Ash: Sixer!
Stuart: Don't say it, Stu. Don't say it. They caught that in the first row. It wasn't massive.
Ash: Massive. Absolutely massive. Four in a row. Four of the biggest sixes you'll ever see.
Stuart: They really weren't. Yes, they cleared the ropes, but they're hardly setting any distance records, are they? Be honest.
Ash: Just massive.
Stuart: Have you had too much sugar? I think I will put this battenburg away. It's clearly...
Ash: Sixer!
Stuart: Don't say it. Don't you dare say it.
Ash: Absolutely massive.
Stuart: Are you blind? It went very high, I'll give you that, but it wasn't an unusually large hit. It's not the size that's significant here, it's the fact that he's hit five in a row.
Ash: This is magnificent stuff.
Stuart: Why? Because he's hit five sixes in a row or because of how far he's hit them?
Ash: Both, Stu.
Stuart: No. Wrong. It's solely because he's hit five in a row. The size of the hits is absolutely nothing to write home about. Your critical faculties are failing you. You're all hyped-up on battenburg and you've lost your equilibrium.
Ash: Sixer!
Stuart: Stop saying that! Why can't you just say "six"?
Ash: It's six sixers, Stu!
Stuart: Not sixer sixers then?
Ash: Six maximums.
Stuart: I think that's worse. I think I prefer sixer to maximum.
Ash: Astonishing stuff.
Stuart: Maximum does make a certain sense, I suppose, but I just don't like the sound of it.
Ash: Six sixers. Absolutely amazing.
Stuart: Please say "six".

I am absolutely fine, will be back soon: Yuvraj

I am absolutely fine, will be back soon: Yuvraj

NEW DELHI: Recuperating from a "non-malignant tumour" in his left lung, flamboyant Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh said he is "absolutely fine" and would be returning to cricket very soon.
The 29-year-old left-handed batsman withdrew from the upcoming ODI series against the West Indies after revealing that he is being treated for a tumour in his left lung.
After his mother Shabnam Singh made the revelation in a formal statement on Saturday, Yuvraj tweeted that he would be returning sooner rather than later.
"Overwhelmed with ur love n support. I am absolutely fine, just need to get match fitness and training will be back soon," he tweeted.
Yuvraj has been troubled by health issues since the World Cup, which India won, and has played just one Test match in England after that.
"Reports and scans then showed us that Yuvraj was dealing with something really serious. A golf-ball size lump was found over his left lung and doctors advised us to go in for more detailed scans."
"The initial reports suggested that Yuvraj had what in medical terms, is called a abnormal tumour called lymphoma over his left lung. The danger was, we were told, that it could be malignant," Shabnam had stated.
"When he returned from England... detailed scanning, and biopsy reports indicated that the tumour is non-malignant and non-threatening and can be treated through proper medication and therapy. In medical terms, Yuvraj is now in a much better state and on his way to a full recovery," Yuvraj's mother Shabnam said in a statement.
Shabnam further said Yuvraj did not want to rush his return to the side and that's why he informed BCCI about his unavailability for the West Indies series.
"Now his entire focus is to re-gain his full fitness. He is already preparing himself to play the one-day series in Australia. He doesn't want to rush things, he wants to be hundred percent fit before resuming his cricket for India."

Virender Sehwag geared up to lead a young team

Virender Sehwag geared up to lead a young team

uttack: India are without some key senior players, including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, for the ODI series against the West Indies but stand-in skipper Virender Sehwag on Monday said that it would give a perfect opportunity for the youngsters in the team to perform well at the big stage.
Besides Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, who have been given rest, the squad also does not have middle-order batsman Yuvraj Singh, who has declared himself unfit, but Sehwag said his side would not be worried as the youngsters have come into the series with plenty of runs under their belt.
"All the players are in fine form, having scored good amount of runs in Ranji Trophy. It's a good sign for Team India. Hope the youngsters play the same way with Team India," Sehwag told reporters on the eve of the first ODI against the West Indies here on Tuesday.
"We have a very good young side. It's good for youngsters they are getting opportunities. They have five games to show their skills. If they perform well, we can continue fielding a young side. We are pretty confident to do well. I promise that we will give our best shots. If we can put more than 100 per cent, the results will show," Sehwag said.
His opening partner Gautam Gambhir is the senior-most member after him but Sehwag said there would be no added pressure on the duo.
"We are playing for the last 12 years. Cricket is same. Everything is same. It's just another series for us. We are playing so well. We won ODI series against England and Test series against the West Indies. Team India are playing well, so I'm looking forward to the series," he said.
Asked about his inexperienced bowling unit, Sehwag said, "They are very good bowlers, youngsters who need to learn a lot. They are going on the right track and learning with other bowlers. With coach Eric Simons, they are doing a great job."
Sehwag hoped the spin department would live up to the reputation in the ODI series after a good show in the Tests.
"India always have done well in the spin department. In the past, Harbhajan Singh and Anil bhai have done a brilliant job. Now we have got another composition. We had Ojha in Test series and here we have Jadeja, Rahul Sharma with Ashwin. "Hope they do well in the ODI series as well," Sehwag said.
Sehwag, who is back in the ODI fold after eight months since the World Cup triumph, said he was raring to go against the West Indies in the five-match series.
"I'm happy that I'm back in the ODI side. I am looking forward to this series. After the World Cup, I had a shoulder surgery and it took a little long to recover and for the rehab process. Now that I'm fit, I'm raring to go," he said.
Sehwag failed to convert fifties into hundreds in the just-concluded Test series against the West Indies but he said there was nothing to worry about.
"I'm looking in this way, that at least I was lucky to get three fifties (in Tests). I am happy about my performance," he said.
The dashing right-handed batsman said he would love to open with his Delhi team-mate Gambhir even though the team think-tank was yet to decide about his.
"We will have a meeting tonight and will decide who will open with me. I am sure that I'm opening the batting but we will take a call on who will come with me. I would love to open with Gautam. But we have to look our team combination as well," he said.
Sehwag said Barabati pitch has been lucky for Team India and hoped it to be the same way this time around also.
"We have played some games here. We played last time against England and Sri Lanka and we had won both the games. It's a good ground for Team India and I think it will be a good batting track."
But at the same time, Sehwag refused to underestimate the West Indies.
"They are a good side. In ODIs, any team can beat any side. We are not taking them lightly. We will give our 100 per cent. It's difficult to predict a result. We can concentrate on the process and we will win the series."
Asked about the reports of Indian batsmen departing early to Australia to acclimatise to the conditions for the gruelling tour starting next month, Sehwag said, "I have not heard anything. But it's a good thing when you go a little early; you will get more time to practice. It's always good."
After poor crowd response during the Test series against the West Indies, Barabati is all set to be a fullhouse with all tickets being sold out, and Sehwag welcomed the idea of having matches in smaller towns.
"It's good to have matches in smaller towns. If it's a packed house and playing in front of 40-50,000 capacity, it's a different ball game altogether. We love to play with a big crowd behind. It's a beautiful ground and a very good wicket to bat on."
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Sachin was cognizant of Yuvraj's tumour

Sachin was cognizant of Yuvraj's tumour

Chandigarh: Cricketer Yuvraj Singh had informed master blaster Sachin Tendulkar about his 'serious illness', said the ailing player's mother Shabnam Singh on Sunday.
According to Shabnam, on being informed about Yuvi's health, Sachin had told him, "Don't worry Yuvi, things will be all right."
She also said that only a few family members and friends of the cricket player had the knowledge about a tumour in his left lung.
Talking to Bhaskar team, Shabnam said her son shares things and seeks advices from Sachin on several matters.
"When he informed Sachin about his tumour, both Sachin and his wife Anjali motivated him. They had asked Yuvraj not to panic saying "You don't have a serious disease. You will be fine after the treatment."
Shabnam also said that she felt nervous being a mother whenever she thought about the tumour, but everytime his son came and boosted her confidence.
Yuvraj has always been like a fighter. Recuperating from his illness, flamboyant Indian batsman said today that he is "absolutely fine" and would be returning to cricket very soon.

Dhoni backs Yuvraj to find form

Dhoni backs Yuvraj to find form

Kolkata: Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Thursday threw his weight behind out-of-form team-mate Yuvraj Singh and said the middle-order batsman needed support as he was going through a difficult patch.

Yuvraj, who made a comeback in the ongoing Test series, failed once again in the second Test against the West Indies with a reckless innings of 25 as India notched up a mammoth 631 for seven in their first innings. He had made 23 and 18 in the first Test in New Delhi.

Dhoni said Yuvraj needs runs under his belt and in this time of crisis it is important to show confidence in him.

"Yes, he's going through a tough phase but it's important to show confidence on him. We all know he is talented. He has played really well against all the big bowlers especially in the ODI format which means he has talent to do well in Test format as well," Dhoni said after India crushed the West Indies by an innings and 15 runs in the second Test.

"One reason is that he has been in and out of the side. It's very difficult to back yourself. You have that bit of tentativeness. It's a bit tough on him. But hopefully he will recover and do well for India," he said.

Dhoni, meanwhile, praised the new look young Indian bowling attack and said it's important that pacers do not pick up injury.

"I think the whole bowling unit looks very balanced. The fast bowlers look very fresh which means they can bowl a lot of overs that is needed in a Test. The spinners also bowling in the same way.

"I am quite happy with their performance. Umesh Yadav again is someone who can bowl really quick. But we will have to use him in best possible manner so that we don't overuse him and he gets injured," said Dhoni.

"We have a pool (of) fast bowlers who can bowl quick. But it's important to sustain at top-level. It's not always about bowling fast. You have to bowl in right areas with the kind of pressure," he said.

On the spin department, Dhoni said, "Ojha has been playing a couple of formats ... Even in the Tests, he is in and out of playing XI and Ashwin is new to the longer version that means all of them are fairly fresh and raring to go and a bit more energy on the field. They back themselves which is very important in Tests."

Dhoni, however, said that it was not the right time to experiment even though India have taken an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match Test series.

"It's too soon right now. We will see what needs to be done. We don't want to overuse the bowlers also. We will think and do what's best for the side. Let's see everything goes well," he said.

"It's not about experimentation. We will see what best possible XI we will have and accordingly we will decide," he added.

Dhoni also showered praise on his batsmen, saying that they have done an excellent job in the match after their failure in the first innings of the Delhi Test.

"Our batting did not do outstandingly well in the first innings in Delhi. But after that we have shown improvements in the second innings ahead of this Test. We have covered the areas really well. Our fielding has been decent," he said.

"England was a bad tour for us. There were several reasons why we did not do well there. It is always good to be on the winning side. It's the process that's more important than the results. Glad to be on the winning side," said Dhoni.

After their disastrous England tour where they were blanked in the Tests, ODIs and the lone Twenty20I, India returned to inflict a 5-0 whitewash on the same opponents at home.

Asked if he is hopeful of a series whitewash against Windies, Dhoni said, "We will try our best. It's difficult to predict in cricket. We will have to see what kind of wicket we get there (in Mumbai)."

Praising the West Indies for their batting display in the second essay, Dhoni said, "West Indies are a good side. Their bowling line is quite good. It's not that they can't bat. As you have seen in the second innings they are talented batsmen.

"We are expecting a tough third Test. We have shown some improvements in this Test than we did in the first Test. Hopefully we will go on improving. We are not thinking on results. We will try to do well on the field."

Asked whether he was looking to give himself some rest ahead of the much important Australia series beginning next month, Dhoni said: "I won't take rest for the next game that's for sure. Let's see after that."


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