Friday, April 30, 2010

Yuvraj Singh Will He Won't he

Yuvraj Singh : Will He...Won't he?
There has been a lot of talk about Yuvraj's form in IPL. When other folks are hitting mediocre attack easily, Yuvi wasn't able to get too far. I guess, it is more to do with coming out on injury more than anything else. Due to injury, you can't work out hard and it affects your weight as you can't control eating anyways! (Especially when you are Yuvi!) :) Taking Punjab captainship away didn't help to his moral either.

The astrological explanation is very simple: He has Shani-Mangal yuti in his horoscope in Kanya rashi. Shani with Mangal does show injuries and inconsistency from time to time (Inzamam Ul Haq one more example).

From Sept 2009, Shani entered Kanya (Virgo) and it is on his horoscope Shani-Mangal. Not the best period for any player. This Shani is also aspecting his Chandra-Raahu yuti (highly temperamental and arrogant yuti) which is testing his temperament QUITE a bit. ONLY way out of PATIENCE and HARD-WORK!!

Of course, GURU changing from May 1st, 2010 WILL CERTAINLY Help Yuvi. He should give MUCH better performance than the IPL 2010. This Guru in Meen raashi will aspect his Mangal Shani and should reduce the intensity of Shani's travel there. Again, Shani's travel does recommend shraddha, saboori and hard work anyways! But this Guru should help him quite a bit.

I am looking forward to some outbursts from Yuvi, from his BAT that is...Aren't you??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Deepika And Yuvraj Singh Are Friends Again

Deepika And Yuvraj Singh Are Friends Again

Yesterday my friend came to me with hot news about Deepika Padukone. On asking she told me that Deepika is back to being good friends with Yuvraj Singh. As we all know that their friendship had broken when she dumped her for Ranbir Kapoor.

Nonetheless, point is that the truce was affected by a prominent owner of an IPL franchisee at the Mumbai Indians v/s Royal Challengers Bangalore semi-final a couple of evenings ago. She further discloses that this franchisee owner recommended that Deepika let bygones be bygones vis-a-vis Yuvraj who had gone to the match for a dekko. It seems that, Deepika and Yuvi returned with the franchisee owner in his chopper and then drove off to the Taj Mahal Hotel to party. My friend tells me that she doesn't know what Deepi and Yuvi did next for she went to her lover's room, number 606, to listen to some classic operas over a round of drinks.

Shahrukh Khan left IPL awards because of Yuvraj Singh

Shahrukh Khan left IPL awards because of Yuvraj Singh?

It can now be told that Shahrukh Khan almost skipped the IPL award show last Friday. Following Income Tax department's raids on the offices of his team Kolkata Knight Riders as well as his production house Red Chillies, the actor wasn't sure whether he would be able to make time for the award function. Also, the actor known for his clean reputation, wanted to distance himself from all the muck-raking IPL scandal.

Says a source close to the actor, "He didn't want to ditch the organisers at the last moment. He told them to look for a replacement, as he felt he might not be able to keep his commitment. The panic-stricken organisers then approached Shahid Kapoor, who refused saying he was busy."

The organisers - the Morani Brothers (also good friends of Shahrukh) - pleaded with the actor to bail them out. "They kept trying to convince him to agree to honour his commitment Thursday night through Friday morning. The actor finally relented. But on the condition that the act would be trimmed down. SRK was to host a segment in the middle of the show, but he arrived at the venue, almost close to curtains-down time at 9.30 pm. The show ended with his act.

Change of plans
Khan was to host a segment with eight cricketers: Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Yusuf Pathan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Adam Gilchrist and Virendra Sehwag. After a break of 15 minutes, he was to repeat the same act with eight more players. But his act eventually was without a break. And with just the first lot.

An eyewitness reveals, "Even though his act was last minute, it was the best. He got Sourav, Dravid and Bhajji to dance to Love Mera Hit-Hit and his other hit songs.

However there was a hitch in the end, following which the actor left. The source continues, "SRK teased Yuvi about his female fan following and said they only stuck to him because of his Casanova image. Yuvi retaliated by saying that women ran after him (and not Khan) because he was stuck to Karan. There was a hush in the audience at this comment but Shahrukh being a good sport, handled the situation well. But he made his displeasure known backstage and staged a walkout."

The final act was to have the IPL team owners come on stage with their teams. While everyone came on stage, SRK was missing. The general assumption was that he had walked out as he was upset with Yuvi's crack.

However Shahrukh maintains, "I had made a commitment as a professional - I would do my job. And I did. I left post show because I had a shoot waiting. I had to finish it."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yuvraj Singh single and ready to mingle It has been an Indian tradition of linking cricketers with bollywood stars. While there are many happily ever after stories, our current batch of cricketers like their novels to be a lot shorter. Subscribe to our Youtube channel now For the latest Bollywood news, gossip, celebrities, events, log on to http We invite you to join the Zoom Klub

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yuvraj denies any plan to leave KXIP

Yuvraj Singh denies any plan to leave KXIP

Tweeter has acquired a special place in the world of Indian Premier League. The latest one to tweet was Kings XI Punjab batsman Yuvraj Singh who spilled his side of the story on his association with the team. He categorically denied he has any intention of leaving the franchise and in fact enjoys playing for the home team.

"I've always enjoyed playing for Kings XI," wrote the left-handed batsman on Tweeter.

Yuvraj's statement has come in clarification of Kings XI Punjab co-owner Mohit Burman's remark that the team management could not do much if a player has already decided to part ways.

"If he has given such a hint, what can I do? It's upto him. After the season is over, we will speak to him. But at the end of the day, you cannot force people to stay if they don't want to," Burman had said.

Incidentally, Yuvraj's three-year contract with the home team ends this season. Earlier, speculations were making rounds that Yuvraj wanted to leave the franchise.

Kings XI Punjab up for sale reports

Kings XI Punjab up for sale reports

Kings XI Punjab is all set to be put on sale after the end of the third season of the Indian Premier League, according to the media reports quoting sources.

The reports said that all the owners of Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) are planning to exit together and are looking for a consortium which can buy their stake. It has also been reported that KXIP has been valued at Rs 1000 cr.

It has been earlier reported that the Venugopal Dhoot-led Videocon Industries has floated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to pick stake in the Kings XI team. Pune-based builder Atul Chordia is also reportedly part of the SPV.

Dhoot and Chordia along with actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor had formed a consortium to bid for the Pune franchise at the IPL 4 auction but were unsuccessful.

Last week, there were reports indicating that star player Yuvraj Singh was not interested in continuing with the team after this edition. The move was being linked to him being dumped as captain. And now it seems the three co-owners of the team are all set to take the exit route as well.

Co-promoters Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, Bombay Dyeing's Ness Wadia, Dabur's Mohit Burman and Apeejay Surendra Group's Karan Paul are planning to exit together, thereby also putting an end to speculation that one or two of the owners could buy out the stake of the others.

The Kings XI, co-owned by actor Priety Zinta, Dabur's Mohit Burman and Apeejay Surendra Group's Karan Paul along with Wadia, had bagged the franchise in 2008 for $76m.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kings XI Punjab Yuvraj Singh receiving DLF Maximum Sixes award

Kings XI Punjab's Yuvraj Singh receiving DLF Maximum Sixes award against Delhi Daredevils' during their Indian Premier League-3 match in New Delhi.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kings XI Punjab beat Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets

Kings XI Punjab beat Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets

Just when Kumar Sangakkara threw the ball to Piyush Chawla, a journalist wondered aloud, "Why has he been picked for the T20 World Cup?" To be fair, he wasn't the only one to have that feeling; many eyebrows had arched --- not without a reason, though--- when he was picked ahead of the likes of Amit Mishra and Pragyan Ojha.

And the superb performance by these two spinners in the IPL had only accentuated that feeling further. Against this backdrop, Chawla must have been dying to come up with a special effort. His prayers were finally answered on Friday. The leggie conjured up all the tricks he had up his sleeves to finish with an impressive three-wicket haul, including that of Sachin Tendulkar.

The effort was not only the cornerstone of the six-wicket victory that the Kings XI cruised to, but it also would go some distance in relaxing those arched eyebrows.

The leggie got down to business when the Mumbai Indians had just begun to turn on the heat after recovering from the early loss of Shikhar Dhawan. Chawla's first victim was Ambati Rayudu (33), who was going great guns with Tendulkar gradually warming up at the other end. Soon, he befooled danger man Saurabh Tiwary with a googly to have him stumped.

The big wicket, too, didn't take long in coming. Tendulkar shaped up for a big sweep, only to miss the line and hand over the young leggie his most prized possession. Hands high up in the air, Chawla was understandably delirious. It was Tendulkar's wicket here way back in the Challenger Series in 2005 that brought him into the limelight, and it could again do a world of good to him.

He found more than able support in Irfan Pathan, who also picked up three wickets. With Chawla accounting for the middle order, Pathan returned to claim R. Sathish and Kieron Pollard to douse all hopes of the Mumbai Indians.

And then, the batsmen too got their act right, not letting the good work done by the bowlers go waste.

Jayawardene got them off to a flier with a brisk 31 off just 18 balls. Skipper Sangakkara (56), with good assistance from Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan, kept them on track. His dismissal made things a bit tight in the end, but Pathan and Reetinder Sodhi guided the team home.

This was easily the best performance turned in by the Kings XI Punjab this season. It also showed what they are capable of as a team. Unfortunately, it came too late in the day.

पंजाब की मुंबई पर जीत

पंजाब की टीम ने बहुत कम ही मैच जीते हैं.

आईपीएल में लगातार हार रही किंग्स इलेवन पंजाब की टीम ने पदक तालिका में पहले नंबर की टीम मुंबई इंडियंस को छह विकेट से हरा दिया है.

मुंबई ने पहले बल्लेबाज़ी करते हुए निर्धारित ओवरों में 154 रन बनाए जिसके जवाब में पंजाब की टीम ने चार विकेट खोकर जीत के लिए आवश्यक रन बना लिए.

मुंबई की तरफ़ से ड्यूमिनी ने सर्वाधिक 35 रन बनाए. मुंबई की शुरुआत अच्छी नहीं रही और सलामी बल्लेबाज़ शिखर धवन मात्र दो रन बनाकर आउट हो गए.

इसके बाद सचिन और रायुडू ने मिलकर दूसरे विकेट के लिए 44 रन जोड़े. रायुडू 33 रन बनाकर आउट हुए जबकि सचिन 29 रन बनाकर आउट हुए.

सौरभ तिवारी भी अधिक कुछ नहीं कर सके और उन्होंन मात्र चार रन बनाए.

मुंबई की तरफ से सतीश ने 20 और पोलार्ड ने 18 रनों का योगदान दिया.

इसके जवाब में पंजाब ने अच्छी शुरुआत की और पहले विकेट के लिए बराठ और जयवर्धने ने 41 रन जोड़े.

इसके बाद संघकारा और युवराज सिंह ने टीम को जीत के क़रीब पहुंचा दिया.

संघकारा ने 42 गेंदों में 56 रन बनाए जबकि युवराज सिंह ने 15 और इरफ़ान पठान ने 15 रन बनाए.

पंजाब की टीम ने चार गेंदे शेष रहते जीत के लिए निर्धारित लक्ष्य पूरा कर लिया

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yuvraj Singh Gets Animated

Yuvraj Singh Gets Animated

DNA After Hours | 08-04-2010
By Prithwish Ganguly

Yuvraj Singh will soon become the first cricketer to have a Hollywood
animated movie based on his life. He has signed a deal with an
American company.

"In the film, Captain India, he will be seen encountering a magical
cricket stick he uses to help fight crime," says a source. Yuvraj
says, "As a child I enjoyed animated films. It is such an
entertaining film which I hope all families will enjoy."

Ace Cricketer Yuvraj Singh to Feature in Animation Film

Ace Cricketer Yuvraj Singh to Feature in Animation Film
By Bollywood Hungama News Network, April 7, 2010

Miami based Motion Pixel Corporation (MPC) and Cornerstone
Entertainment of India have finalized the signing of one of India's
most prolific cricket players to star in a new animated movie titled
Captain India.

The story entails Yuvraj Singh growing up in Mumbai and encountering a
magical cricket stick which he realizes has special powers and uses it
to help fight crime and also becoming an Indian Cricket Star to help
India win the cricket World Cup.

The movie is currently in preproduction and is scheduled to be
released in early 2012. "We felt Yuvraj was the best fit for the
project which we think will be a mega hit with all the Bollywood and
Cricket fans not only in India but throughout the World," commented
MPC Chairman, Manny Bains.

"Cornerstone has always made best efforts to promote brand Yuvraj as
uniquely as possible. This project is one such opportunity for Yuvi to
reach out to the millions of children across the countries who aspire
to be like him one day. We are happy to partner with MPC and are
looking forward to an entertaining movie" said Bunty Sajdeh of
Cornerstone Entertainment.

Yuvraj Singh commented "I am extremely excited to be a part of this
movie. As a child I always enjoyed watching animation films and today
I am humbled to be portrayed as an animated character. It is such an
entertaining film which I hope all families will enjoy watching

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yuvraj rubbishes reports of deliberate under-performance

An agitated Yuvraj Singh hit back at speculation that he was deliberately underperforming in the Indian Premier League after being stripped of Kings XI Punjab's captaincy, saying he was disgusted and horrified by the reports.

"I am disgusted and horrified that a news reporter can scoop down to such a level. I, in all my career, haven't seen such a disgusting piece of news," the flamboyant batsman said on his Twitter page, reacting to reports that his poor run in the IPL was deliberate as he was upset at being replaced as captain of the side by Kumar Sangakkara.

Yuvraj has totalled a little over 100 runs in seven IPL games so far and there were reports suggesting that he wanted to shift to another team - speculated to be Mumbai Indians - ahead of the current season.

The explosive allrounder said he was being targeted because of his lean patch and blamed the recent injury breakdowns for the current lack of form.

"To come out of injury is not easy and I've had three in a row and I hope to bounce back soon. I always try to give my best no matter what the circumstances and right now I am struggling with my form. It happens to every player," he said.

His mother Shabnam too defended Yuvraj and said her son never contemplated any change.

"An icon player cannot move out of his team till at least three years and Yuvraj knows this. He wasn't thinking about anything of this sort. All this is because he is not in good form," she explained.

Media is behaving like moral police Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is not new to controversies. His flamboyance and partying ways have often created a flutter. He never cared. But the reported 'rift' in his Kings XI Punjab team and allegations of 'under-performance' have left him fuming. In a free-wheeling chat with Makarand Waingankar, the dashing southpaw clears the air on some of them. Excerpts... 

What's this controversy about you not getting along well with Sangakkara and the rift in the Kings XI Punjab team? 

(Laughs) I have played enough to know how things get nicely publicized. Usually when the team is expected to do well but for some reason falls below expectation, disgruntled elements indulge in character assassination. Frankly speaking, it's not the job of a cricketer to get up in the morning, read sensational stuff about oneself and go on clarifying. 

But why not clarify once in a while? 

I will have to employ a secretary because some sort of glamour is attached to my personality. I am told that when India won in England in 1971 there was a motorcade in Mumbai and three years later when they lost, people threw stones at captain (Ajit) Wadekar's house. So there's nothing new about sensational stories which have damaged enough careers. 

Looks like your owners aren't happy with you... 

Do you mean to say only because Yuvraj isn't scoring, my team is losing? Players of some of the other teams too aren't performing. Had they performed, their teams wouldn't have suffered heavy defeats but to the media Yuvraj is a whipping boy. If the media is happy doing what it's doing, I don't have the resources and time to stop them. A cricketer's job is to perform consistently. If I had not performed, do you think I would have been playing international cricket for so long? 

So you feel media is a spoilsport? 

That's for people in the media to introspect. They are behaving like moral police. Are they an authority on everything? They keep speculating about my private life and then they expect me to cooperate with them. If sensational stuff helps them make good business so be it. I guess credibility of some of them is at a discount. But there are quite a few in the media who command respect because of their responsible work. 

Do you think you indulging in late night parties is creating problems? 

Am I the only one enjoying parties? Are others in 'early to bed and early to rise' category? So when I don't get runs, I am a bad boy. And when I attend a party but still get runs then I am a good boy. Don't underestimate the modern generation. They know what they are doing. Look at the Indian team, we are a happy bunch of performers. We are No. 1. 

Is it true that your wrist injury has contributed to you not getting runs? 

May be to some extent. But which international cricketer worth his salt would like to damage his reputation by not performing? I have been suffering from hand injuries for the past one year. Something or the other is happening. 

I always try to give my best, no matter what the circumstances and right now I am struggling with my form. It happens to every player: Yuvraj Singh

You went to Australia for treatment. What did the doctor say? 

He said I should gradually get into playing and I would be OK but I hardly got to do that before the IPL. 

What about your Yuvraj Singh Foundation? 

(Laughs) Thank you for asking. Sometime I too do some charity work and spend time with kids who need love and affection. The foundation takes care of over 200 underprivilged chidren and has organized many events. The smile I see on their faces makes me very happy. I am a part of the society and I do owe something to the society. 

When do we get to watch a fit Yuvraj entertaining the viewers? 

Give me some time and I will be back in form.

Preity and Yuvraj reject the reports of underperformance

Preity and Yuvraj reject the reports of underperformance

Media reported that Yuvraj Singh has been underperforming since he lost captaincy to Kumar Sangakkara. Preity Zinta said the team is in high stress after losing the matches and these reports are unjustified and discouraging. Preity's team is almost out of semi finals. Yuvraaj Singh also reacted strongly against the reports.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What Rift? Ask Yuvraj Singh Kumar Sangakkara

What Rift? Ask Yuvi, Sanga
Both, the former captain and current captain of the Kings XI Punjab have denied rumours of a rift within the team even as their team struggles in IPL 3.
yuvraj singh bats kumar sangakkara watches
The team's poor form, Yuvraj Singh's indifferent batting and Sangakkara's frustration had become the talking point. However, both international cricketers suggested that any sign of rift was purely imagination.
Sangakkara stated that Yuvi did not hold any grudges over losing the KXIP captaincy but rather was in a vulnerable staging of his bat. And the Sri Lankan captain was confident Yuvraj Singh would fire sooner rather than later.
Yuvraj Singh remained indignant about all the charges levelled against him and reiterated to the media from Mohali, "Whatever is being written and said is not correct. There is no rift between anyone in the team. If anybody is out of form, it does not mean that you (media) can write anything. You (media) cannot just go on and on and write that one is against the other without any basis."

No player underperforms at will Yuvraj Singh

Priety and Yuvraj couple

NEW DELHI: Kings XI Punjab's former skipper Yuvraj Singh has hit back at the reports which stated that he wanted to leave the IPL team before this year's tournament started. 

"Media has no right to fabricate such stories," Yuvraj said. 

"I am disgusted and horrified with this report. I haven't seen such a disgusting piece of news," he said 

"No player underperforms at will", he added. 

Earlier it was reported that the problems emerged sometime last December when the IPL trading window opened, at around the time the Ness Wadia co-owned franchise announced that Sri Lanka captain Sangakkara would replace Yuvraj as the Kings XI skipper. 

Yuvraj, according to well-placed sources, approached Wadia and expressed a desire to leave the franchise, and some quarters suggest a move to Mumbai Indians was on the anvil. 

Wadia, reluctant to part with the team's most expensive and popular face, flatly refused and expressed fears to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that Yuvraj's reluctance could spill over on to the field, and that the batsman might deliberately underperform if asked to stay back. Sources say BCCI officials subsequently had a word with the player. 

However, it might be a stretch to imply one of India's best cricketers is deliberately throwing his wicket away, as Yuvraj has a swashbuckling batting style prone to inconsistency, especially if his mind is not focussed. 

His poor form, though, has only fuelled aggravation among the team's owners. It has also fuelled talk of a rift between him and his captain Sangakkara. 

This year, Yuvraj has scored only 101 runs from seven games at an average of 14.42, and the team's sole win till now has come via a Super Over eliminator in a game in which he scored 43, his best score yet in IPL 3. 

Yuvraj Singh did not want to play for Punjab

According to a leading newspaper, the Times of India, Yuvraj Singh did not want to play for the Kings XI Punjab this season.
Instead, after being removed as the captain of the side, the newspaper has reported that Yuvraj Singh had requested the owner, Ness Wadia, to release him from the contract and get him to play for Mumbai Indians.
Ness Wadia had predictably refused, but had expressed concerns that the batsman may under-perform for the Kings XI Punjab. Wadia had spoken to BCCI about this and in turn the cricket board had spoken to Yuvraj about this.
Yuvraj hasn't had the best of the IPLs so far as he has failed to get too many runs in his customary manner, that has left the Punjab side struggling as well. Already, Kings XI Punjab is struggling to come to grips with the numerous controversies that have hit the team in recent times.

Priety Zinta and Yuvraj Singh scandal with Pictures

Priety and Yuvraj couple

Preity Zinta, Yuvraj Singh Scandal with Pictures, What is going on between Priety Zinta and Yuvraj outside of cricket? Kings XI Punjab is a cricket franchise in the Indian Premier League popularly known as IPL. The sexy beautiful and talented Bollwood Actress Priety Zinta is one of the proud owners of this cricket franchise. Star cricket player Yuvraj Singh is the captain of the team. Priety Zinta is very close to Yuvraj Singh as seen in these Priety Zinta and Yuvraj Singh scandal pictures that shows how fond they are of each other and Yuvraj gets treated nicely after every victory.

Tom Moody, the former Australian all rounder, is the coach for Kings XI Punjab cricket team. The owners of the franchise include Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia, Karan Paul and Mohit Burman (Dabur). The total cost of the franchise is about $76 million and it is paying them off very well and is considered a great investment whether they win or lose. Priety Zinta was going out with Ness Wadia of Bombay Dyeing. The recent announcement is that Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia are no longer a couple according to an SMS message sent by Priety to her friends.

Yuvraj holding Priety so tight

Priety hugging yuvraj

Priety Zinta and Yuvraj Singh scandal

Priety and Yuvraj talking
Priety and Yuvraj talking
Priety on stage with Yuvraj
Priety on stage with Yuvraj

In the 2008 season of the India Premier League, the Kings XI Punjab team lost the first two matches which they played. They also lost two foreign players, Simon Katich and Brett Lee, who had to play for the Australian cricket team, but they still managed to perform well. Out of the next ten matches, they won nine, and made it to the semi finals. They then lost the semi final against the Chennai Super Kings, who won by nine wickets. The alleged closeness and the Priety Zinta and Yuvraj Singh scandal grew much bigger when she was flirting with Yuvraj in the field and in the stadium. The break up of the most talked about couple in town, Preity and Ness Wadia could be due to this. Priety Zinta and Yuvraj Singh Scandal may just be another rumor that is going around town but the pictures suggest otherwise. Post your comments and thoughts on Priety and Yuvraj's relationship and why Priety may break up with Ness Wadia.
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