Friday, August 26, 2011

Yuvi comes clean on Flintoff fight

Yuvi comes clean on Flintoff fight

In 2007, in a match against England in the T20 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh went on to hit six sixes in an over by English bowler Stuart Broad, right after an exchange of angry words with Andrew Flintoff. For years, Yuvi kept mum on what exactly transpired to evoke such a reaction. but finally, he has opened up about it.

In an interview on the TV chat show, India’s Most Desirable, host Simi Garewal played a clip of the Flintoff-Yuvi face-off, asking him to spill the beans on what really happened.

The 30-year-old explained, “…after I hit him for two boundaries in that over, he said, ‘F*** you’. And I said, F*** you. He then said, ‘excuse me?’, and I said, ‘you heard what I said’.

He said ‘I will cut your b**** off’, so I said, ‘you see this bat in my hand … you know where I’m going to hit you with this bat …’. So, it was just a fight”.

On the show, which airs this Sunday, the cricketer further said, “It got me really worked up. I got really angry and just wanted to hit every ball out of the ground; and sometimes, it’s good for you and sometimes it backfires, but that day, it backfired on them.”

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